Going way back to the early, early 80’s now.

I finished my High School in December of 1980 at the tender age of 17.

My final year at school I was a resident of the High School Hostel, a lot of stories to tell about my time in the Hostel, but hey that’s a story for another day.

The town I went to school in was and still is a small town, those years most of the shops still closed for lunch.

Strange but true.

Okay so after I matriculated I moved to Pretoria, but this is not what I want to tell you about, I want to tell you about my friend.

We sort of had to become friends, as we sort of shared an apartment, for now I will just call her Lanie.

I told her a few years ago that I will be writing a book about my Memoirs and that the two of us will definitely feature in it, she threatened to kill me if I ever made her identity known.

Lanie is just Lanie, let’s just say she takes life way more serious than what I do and she is happily married and most probably a Grandmother by now.

We did make contact those years back and then lost contact again, I do believe because of my different way of thinking about life and “stuff”, she likes life to be smooth, so she believes what she has been taught. I do respect her for that.

Well sitting thinking about us girls, we were almost inseparable at the time, like Peanut Butter and Jam.

I remember us going out at night, we worked hard during the day, and played hard during the night, we used to go clubbing till almost the break of dawn, would then if we had time, jump into the shower and dress on the way to work.

Sometimes, more often than not, we arrived at work still with our party faces on and hairdos intact, the girls of the 80’s will know that we had LOTS of hair back then, think Bonnie Tyler ….

But luckily for us, at our places of work the people knew you were only young once, and they knew that we did our work.

My most favourite memory of us two is coming back home in the early hours of the morning, making us selves some sweet tea, we used condensed milk, and sitting sipping our tea and eating rusks, sharing our thoughts and emotions.

I have many stories to tell about Lanie and Lynette, some of which you might find stranger than fiction.

I have lived my life so far with NO REGRETS, yes sure I do have a colourful past, not everything I did is worth writing about, but maybe, just maybe you will see parts of yourself in me and you will revisit your past.

Take time out and let your mind wander back in time, when life was fun and the pace was fast.

As we grow older, our bodies might become slower, even our memories enjoy playing hide and seek with us, but keep your “Spirit” alive, try to stay FOREVER YOUNG.

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