Does the colour of your plate affect how much you eat?

This is an interesting subject for me, if you plan on eating less, one should eat from say a red plate and also not sit at the side of the table, but rather at the head, as then you are not surrounded by food all the time and you have to actually get up or ask people to pass the food …

Sounds funny but I decided to investigate a bit.

The plate size is also of importance as over the years the plates have become larger and larger, so choose smaller plates to start off with.

I read in one article that the colour contrast between food and plate creates an optical illusion known as the Delboeuf illusion, it makes you dish up more than you actually intended to.

So by eating pasta with a white sauce on a white plate will make you take more than if say you dished up on a red or any contrasting colour plate, extremely interesting …..

The answer then is plain to see, choose the colour of your plate wisely, want to eat less, choose a bright contrasting colour, want to have a good meal that leaves you wanting more, eat from a plate more or less the same colour as your food.

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